Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between Biom and Kasetsart University

On Friday, August 5, 2022, Biom signed a memorandum of understanding with Kasetsart University, This collaboration is considered to be the implementation of Biotechnology and Synthetic biology and various fields under the cooperation from the Thailand. Synthetic biology consortium, which will be able to enhance the potential of academic work, research, and innovation in biotechnology and synthetic biology to be able to apply them in a concrete way as well as exchanging knowledge, experiences and academic information as well as develop the potential of personnel who will help support and drive the vision of the university that aims to develop research. The integration of knowledge from many fields leads to the emergence of new innovations in the future. Currently, Biom and Kasetsart University plan to expand academic cooperation Research in Biotechnology and Synthetic biology in accordance with the National Strategic Development Plan to drive research and innovation into bio-products, extending business to various sectors for the benefit of the economy can be used in a concrete way social assistance increase competitiveness and drive the economy of Thailand and our world.

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